Myrtle Poor Bear

Leonard Peltier was mainly extradited from Canada back to the United States based upon the coerced affidavits provided by Myrtle Poor Bear.

Poor Bear submitted a total of three affidavits, with each one being slightly different and progressively more incriminating.

The first affidavit was submitted on February 19, 1976. This is a copy of that document:


The second affidavit was submitted on February 23, 1976. Pay close attention to the discrepancies:


The third and final affidavit was submitted into evidence on March 31, 1976.  This is the document that has the most incriminating details:

a5a6Although the affidavits were what caused Peltier to be tried in the United States, “Peltier’s attorneys were not permitted to call Myrtle Poor Bear as a defense witness” because the trial judge thought that “her testimony could be ‘highly prejudicial’ to the government” (Amnesty International, 1999). The FBI contests that Myrtle Poor Bear did not testify at the trial because she was incompetent “due to obvious mental deterioration” and even though her affidavits were used for Peltier’s extradition “her information had nothing whatsoever to do with Peltier’s conviction” (Federal Bureau of Investigation: Minneapolis Division, 2011).

(Documents found at:

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